At Magn, we take our lubricants seriously, because we know how much impact lubricants can have on the operation of your business. Choosing, using and managing them correctly can bring significant rewards in terms of improved efficiency and profitability. Magn has an extensive knowledge on how Shell’s technology-leading lubricants can help you to improve your business performance. We have over 200 different clients and these are some of the ones we are very proud of.

West Hercules - Oilrig
The oilrig West Hercules uses Shell lubricants. Magn was one of the few, deemed to have the necessary lubricants expertise, which made it possible for Magn to be lubricants provider for the West Hercules operation in the Faroes in 2014. 
Bakkafrost - Hans á Bakka
The newest addition to the renowned company Bakkafrost is the ship Hansa á Bakka. The ship is the most technology advanced vessel, within salmon processing and transport, in the world. The ship has an overall length of 75.8 meters with a beam of 16 meters. The engine is 2,998 kW and the vessel registers 3,565 GRT.
Varðin Pelagic - Finnur Fríði
Finnur Fríði is one of the largest and most modern pelagic trawlers in the Faroe Islands. The engine is 8000 KW / 10877 HK (750-137 rpm) and the vessel registers 2,790 GRT.
SEV - Power Plant
The power plants of SEV are all clients of Magn. At Magn, we are proud to have such an renowned and complex client. The vast knowledge and expertise of Magn and the special demands of SEV, have resulted in a healthy and fruitful cooperation for many years.